Sunday, June 15, 2014

Google Killed Sharing With The Nofollow

nofollow code
Once upon a time the Internet was very friendly, people loved to share and exchange links giving each other credit. Yahoo and other search engines were ok with that too. But Google said, tho shalt not share and give credit to each other, for I am a jealous and greedy search engine so I will  punish you if you, unless you use my nofollow code. That was the beginning of the end of the Internet as we knew it. People soon started using the nofollow for every thing. People stopped sharing quality content because why bother if they get linked back with a nofollow? Great job Google! Now only the people that can afford paid ads on search engines can get quality links.

I cursed the day Google over took Yahoo as the leading search engine. I prayed for Google's failure nut they just kept getting bigger and more powerful. The nofollow code has ruined the way the Internet was set up for sharing. Every one and their mother is now using the nofollow tag.

There are exceptions when we really don't care about the nofollow tag. For example, Twitter and YouTube. Sure they use the nofollow code too but they can be forgiven because in return they still provide great traffic back to us. So there is a fair trade off. Facebook is for retards so who cares. Everyone else, like link sharing sites, and bookmark sites, why bother? You provide no traffic back to us and therefore provide no real value to us. So go ahead keep using the nofollow tag and in a year or two your gonna be out of business any way.

I wish people had enough guts to stand up against Google and stop using the nofollow tag. There is no less spam these days and indeed one could argue more spam! It was a poorly executed idea and one that needs to be retired for good.