Friday, May 2, 2014

Google Is God!


All you need is Google to rule the world, or at least your social media, job, school and friends. With a Google Account you can have more power then you ever dreamed you could have. Here’s what you get with your Google Account if you so desire and you should!

1. Gmail – still the best email service online
2. Google+ – twitter alternative but more powerful
3. Google Drive – your cloud in the sky and you get a generous 15 gigs free space with pricing options for larger space.
4. Blogger – still the best online blogging service

you get more but I will only address these 4 for now. Google Drive offers around 50 apps and the list grows everyday from just about any kind of app you can think of, publishing, editing, docs, scripts, photos, videos, unbelievable list of useful apps!

Of course with an additional free account from you can connect your Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Linkin, RSS Feeds, and more! The sky is the limit to what you can do now!

But let’s keep it simple for now. Just one Google Account with Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ and over 50 apps available for them. What can you do with just that?

Teachers can use this technology at school to assign work and projects. IT professionals can stay better informed and connected. Parents can advance their children’s understanding of the ever growing IT world! Facebook fanatics can find never ending things to facebook about. Internet Marketers already know about the advantages :)

Seriously, if you don’t know how powerful a Google Account is, I’m guessing your still using Firefox for a browser and Yahoo or ASK for a search engine. In which case forget about this. Go back to nothing.

For the rest of you that hunger for power and glory, go to Google now, download Chrome if you don’t already have it, open a Google Account, claim your Google Drive, look at the available apps, there is no limit what you can do now!