Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chrome Verses Firefox


Once upon a time Firefox was the best. Of course it's pretty easy to beat Internet Explorer, Firefox did it with no mercy. Then along came Chrome, which was faster, and better designed and almost never crashed. Firefox still held the edge in customization, and the extentsions seemed to work better in firefox.

Fast forward to several versions later, Chrome version 35 and Firefox version 29. Firefox now looks almost completely like Chrome, right down to Chrome's Setting button with 3 lines. In fact if you have not driven frefox lately you would think you were on chrome. That's how shameless firefox has ripped off chrome.

Now they are both about as configurable and one can argue either is slightly ahead of the other in configuration, I won't bore you with insignificant differences if any. Chrome is still faster and more stable. Firefox continues to be the crash King. It will still crash at least once or twice a day depending on how much usage and OS doesn't seem to matter. Some extensions still work better on firefox but much fewer. IMHO Chrome is still better in speed and configuration but firefox is now catching up to Chrome. If it could only stop crashing. And yes, you still have to shut down firefox when ever adding or disabling a extension.

Not that any of this matters to the average idiot on the Internet. Internet Explorer is still the most used and Firefox is still the second most used. But for some of us these facts do matter. Chrome continues to beat Firefox.